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If you are interested in web design, graphic design, typography and coding I recommend these sites that you can explore:

Smashing Magazine is a rich collection of great articles, examples for web designers and developers. Smashing presents the latest trends and techniques.

Noupe is the other website of Smashing family where you can read news on all subjects of design. The interface is very stylish so the experience is a real treat for the eyes.

Net tuts+ aims to provide tutorials and articles on technologies, skills and techniques. They cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

.net is the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers, featuring tutorials from leading agencies, interviews with the web’s biggest names, and agenda-setting features on the hottest issues affecting the internet today.

Computer Arts is the world's best-selling magazine for digital artists and designers, boasts a strong line-up of tutorials every issue, covering everything from manipulating photographs with Photoshop to creating amazing vector illustrations with Illustrator.

Use It is the personal Web site of usability guru Jakob Nielsen.

Codrops is great website with lots of tutorials, superbly explained theory and other useful information.

Tools used by web designers:
- text editor (find your favourite);
- Firebug;
- web developer toolbar (validation of CSS and HTML);
- brain ( well fed and balanced :)

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